Read this Once Upon a Time review for thoughts on which puppets aren’t creepy and to see if you have the same conclusion about what the glass shard was as us.

Once Upon a Time “That Still Small Voice” Review

Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) now has an official reason to be in Stoneybrooke, because she’s the deputy. When the Mayer questioned this to the Sheriff, she gave up the argument without too much of a fight. This is probably because this pair are in cahoots. That’s right, I said it, cahoots! (No one uses that word enough these days.)

In the fairytale realm, we saw that Jiminy grew up with two wicked parents named Martin and Myrna (Harry Groener and Carolyn Henesy.) Because Jiminy was loyal to his parents, it made it difficult to consider walking away. The best part of learning about Jiminiy was the reveal that Geppetto was the orphan boy that he was tasked to help. Although, I’m still not entirely sure why Jiminy would wish to be a cricket. Can’t he do more help as an actual human? It’s a wonder Geppetto didn’t grow up to be totally paranoid.

So, turns out puppets can be just a creepy as dolls. Although I tend to think puppets and dolls can also be really wonderful. So, psh. The marionette puppets in the beginning of this episode were quite cute, don’t you think?

There was a touch of Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) and John Doe (Josh Dallas) in this episode, which is a nice precursor to the episode next week that focuses on our Prince Charming. So many fans say with this couple they root for adultery, but I am not exactly sold on the idea that John is really married to that other woman. He’s been in a coma since he got here, so he could have only been illegally married to someone without his consent. Therefore, we can root for this couple without believing in adultery!


  • The glass shard you saw was not from a glass slipper, but from a glass coffin that held Snow White in Fairytale Land. (Jane Espenson, who wrote this episode, confirmed this.)
  • Did you spot the Apollo bars? It was a Lost reference.
  • The dog being named Pongo was after “101 Dalmatians.”

Once Upon a Time airs Sunday nights on ABC.