Even if you’ve arrived at this Once Upon a Time review of “7:15 A.M only to defend Prince James/David (Josh Dallas) make sure to check out what else we’re offering up in terms of theories and insights!

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Once Upon a Time “7:15 a.m.” Review

The Fairest of the Land in the Chicest Creature Couture

While I do miss seeing the dear Snow White in pretty ball gowns, I have to hand it to the costumer for Once Upon a Time. There’s a lot of interest in her “I’m rogue, bitches!” outfit, and although it’s rugged and tough, there’s a certain softness about it (and I’m not just talking about that questionable fur, questionable because I have no idea what kind of fur it is. But not questionable in terms of being fur, because in fairytale land of course they used real fur. Although in modern day life, don’t you dare. Not even if it’s vintage. Alicia Silverstone wrote a whole blog post about this. Sorry for the mini rant.)

Once Upon a Time Travel Guide – Is Storybrooke Maine a Real Place? Maps!

The Wolf with a Typewriter

Because he’s been gone for so long, I wonder if the Evil Queen legitimately doesn’t recognize who The Stranger (the wolf) is. As for Once Upon a Time theories on how he could have escaped Storybrooke but still be part of the curse… I suspect he lived in the fairytale world, but had been banished from the kingdom. But now he’s back. We haven’t seen him and Ruby interact together, but if she’s never met him then it makes me think maybe they had an online romance. Then again, maybe they have no backstory in the modern world. But Eion Bailey is playing “suspicious” very well – he totally creeped me out in this episode. (And I adore him!) He’s scary, no? And not just because he has a motorcycle and I think those things are death traps…

Was I the only one who could practically hear Emma thinking, “You can’t replace Graham”? Sigh. Jamie Dornan, we miss you and your pretty face. And uh, your talent and all of that stuff. But hey, you’re handsome!

Does Mr. Gold Remember?

Every week we’re reminded that no one else remembers the fairytale world but the Evil Queen. But is that true? They need to stop hammering that in our heads! Because Graham / The Huntsman did end up remembering… although now he’s dead. But more importantly, Mr. Gold / Rumpelstiltskin totally remembers…doesn’t he? I think so.

P.S. How badly do you wish Fairytale Land had an actual kingdom name we could use? Gah!

The Killer Openings

I’ve yet to really praise the OUAT opening title cards. Every week they’re different, if you pay attention. The Hansel and Gretel episode showed a cottage in the woods. This week we saw a cloak in the wind. We also got our first look of “Red” (Little Red Riding Hood) in the fairytale world in this episode.

The Importance of 7:15 A.M.

There is a lot of cuteness in this episode. It’s a big ol’ mush fest for those who love Snow White and Prince Charming (“James”) – and Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) and David (Josh Dallas.) They both would go to the diner to see each other at 7:15 A.M., not realizing the other was showing up at that time just to see them. Later, when they decide to stop this practice, the idea of fate comes into play. They both get their coffee at a different time, but still end up meeting. And that can’t be just because this is a small town. The Evil Queen may want Snow White miserable, but there’s only so much she can do. (Although, you’d think Regina would work harder to make Mary Margaret’s life a bit more horrible. …Aaaand on the other hand you can say that living without love is the worst fate ever. So. Shrug!)

How do Red and Snow White Know Each Other?

Little Red Riding Hood apparently was bringing Snow White a basket of food every month. And Snow said to her that she’d helped her when, “no one else would.” I can’t wait to see more about Red’s backstory. I know it’s coming, I’m just impatient.

The Eighth Dwarf

We met Stealthy the Dwarf, and then they killed him off. I’m not sure why they decided to introduce another dwarf. And his death made me really sad. Especially when Snow was crying about losing her love, and the dwarves had just had their friend DIE but were still keeping it together. It’s not that I don’t feel bad for Snow, but in the comparison I started feeling annoyed with her.

Prince Charming is Kind of a Jack Ass

Most people who write the above statement are writing angry blogs about love or something. In this case, I mean it a bit more literally. James/David first invites Snow into trouble by asking her to sneak into the castle. But then when he recommits to his wife it takes him less than an hour to go kiss Mary Margaret. I want to like this romance, but it’s like the writers are trying to make him unlikeable. Had there not been a scene where David had sat down with Katherine and been so “we’re gonna make this work!” I wouldn’t have cared that he kissed her. He seems like the most mixed-up and wishy-washy character there is on the show.

The Once Upon a Time Rundown:

  • 1-3 words to describe this episode: Destined Romance Blossoms
  • Fun moment: Seeing Apollo Bars from Lost!
  • Character who stole the scenes: Mary Margaret Blanchard / Snow White. My love to both characters is ever stronger now that I see what a bleeding heart she is for animals. I tend to do crazy things for animals, too. I think it shows a strength of compassion in a person (or character) that not enough people have. High fives to Snow!
  • Best Quote: “We’re making a volcano!” – Mary Margaret Blanchard
  • Runner up: “Love is the most powerful magic.” – Rumpelstiltskin
  • Runner Up 2: “So, you’re a stalker.” – Emma Swan
  • Runner up 3: “Love huh? Good luck with that.” – Grumpy
  • Stray observation: The woods are gorgeous and I totally want to go live somewhere with a forest in my backyard. Don’t you?
  • Bothersome plot detail: Why would Prince James ask Snow White, a wanted felon, to show up at his castle. Nothing good could have ever come from that!
  • Website that Mary Margaret would suggest: McDonald’s Cruelty

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