Once Upon A Time returns tonight to ABC after it’s long and cold winter hiatus. The returning episode is titled “Desperate Souls.”

once upon a time desperate souls

Will Sheriff Graham be back? No. (Although we have reason to believe we might see more flashbacks with The Huntsman so Jamie Dornan might not be gone forever.) And since there’s no Sheriff, Emma Swan decides she’d like the job (at Mr. Gold’s suggestion.) But Regina appoints Sydney Glass.

We’ll see Rumpelstiltskin with a son. The Ogres have a war going on.

In the episode there’s someone called “The Dark One” who will also shed light on the character of Rumpelstiltskin.

Also look for a Blind Witch, an Old Beggar, and Doc to be in the fairytale land in the next episode. And Hanzel and Gretel are coming!

The Blind Witch

The Evil Queen in True North

Hanzel and Gretel in Once Upon a Time

Little Red Riding Hood on Once Upon a Time

Prince Charming on Once Upon a Time