Here is your Nashville review of “I’ve Been Down that Road Before.”


Nashville Review “I’ve Been Down that Road Before” – Nashville Season 1, Episode 12

“What if I decide to walk away from being that girl, and no one comes with me?” – Juliette Barnes

Well, then you might lose everything, Juliette. Be prepared for that. And for as much as Juliette has grown, I don’t think she’s ready to lose her private jet or fancy shoes…. So even if she wants to change, she might see that it won’t get her where she wants to be. Which is why so many people in the spotlight sell out. … Okay, now I’m all depressed. Sigh.


“You shouldn’t have to work so hard to make someone love you.” – Peggy

And Peggy shouldn’t go around stealing husbands. Mmkay? Of course, you can’t really steal a husband, you can only offer. Teddy has gone willingly. And Rayna has been kind of pushing him towards that by being so removed and “over” their marriage, which is too bad for their kids. Now we just have to wonder if/when Teddy will admit this infidelity.

“What in the hell are you doing on this tour?” – Rayna

Well, hello, he needed a job. And okay, he wanted to be around Rayna. Which was the bigger reason?


“I’m done talking.” – Deacon

SO, the kiss! That was fabulous. And it said a lot! Like.. hey, I want you, and I wanna kiss you.

“Don’t walk around the kitchen naked and I won’t play the banjo in the shower.” – Scarlett

We all love Gunnar and Scarlett, right? So them moving in together is a great move in the right direction for the fans.


“She sure can sell it.” – Glenn

Well, unlike those fictional tweeters, I really liked Juliette’s attempt at being a more serious artist with “Consider Me.” I don’t like her manager, he doesn’t believe in her. He doesn’t want her to become a real artist, either, he knows the manufactured girly image of a country pop star works better than something with more serious substance. Which is really too bad. Even when Glenn was able to recognize she did a good job to Rayna, he gave Juliette only the negative reinforcement.



Do you think Teddy will mention he cheated on Rayna, or just demand the divorce? How soon will Scarlett and Gunnar get together? And what do you think about “agreed upon delusions”?

Nashville Season 1, Episode 12 | Nashville “I’ve Been Down that Road Before” Review | Photo Credit: ABC | Series created by Callie Khouri.