Why can’t Juliette Barnes catch a break? Here is my Nashville review of “I’m Sorry For You, My Friend.”

Nashville Review “I’m Sorry For You, My Friend”

Black Mascara Tears

Juliette sending a message to her husband via the press is… I don’t know, mind-boggling.  And ballsy! And I sincerely bet celebrities actually do this sometimes. Do you think Angelina Jolie doesn’t hope Jennifer Aniston will see some of her quotes? (And vice versa?)

I’d say I didn’t get i (Juliette wanting a divorce instead of an annulment), but I do understand the situation. She just really wants to hurt Sean. But I do think she’s in the wrong, it was an irresponsible move and she defrauded that guy. But Juliette doesn’t like the idea of him erasing her from his life, and not carrying a piece of her around. (And really, he would either way.)

Imagine if when you wanted to fire a blow, you could sing your heart out the way Juliette did with “Love Like Mine.” In  performing this, Hayden Panettiere really shined. Can you believe someone else could have had the role of Juliette Barnes?

In the end, she gave Sean the annulment she wanted. And I think she was hoping she might turn around and look fondly upon her. But he can’t forgive her. At least not yet. Maybe never. And that’s something she has to live with. And that ain’t no picnic.

juleitte barnes


Diva Dip Relapse for the Red Lips White Lies Tour?

That guitar player quit real fast, and Rayna wasn’t being a diva at all. It was practically like a SNL skit. I understand the story arc needed him to quit, but it was real hard to believe someone would give up a big gig like that after Rayna said a few sentences. They needed to have her looking believably annoying, but they didn’t want to show this lead being anything but sweet. (Juliette is the one who they like to be a brat, which is unfair on her. It’s way too black/white with Rayna = Good and Juliette = Bad.)

Obviously, we all could figure out that she was just missing Deacon. But it’s like the show was telling us this, without showing us anything that could make us believe she was really acting out about it. Mixed messages!

Nashville (TV Show) Fashion (Rayna James Fashion and Juliette Barnes Fashion)

What really stood out to me was Rayna’s gold sparkly top with white jeans. I also really loved Juliette’s workout outfit (stairs/news scene) and that perky ponytail. And we can’t forget her press conference look: white dress, red lips, amazing blown out hair. (And yes, I want to mention that later when performing “Love Like Mine” she had a middle part, and goddess curls. Extensions were involved, yes. That was a fun look.) Of course, who has better hair than Rayna James (Connie Britton)? Basically no one. Those curls mesmerize me.

You know, I also loved Rayna during he press conference, especially her dark, badass nails. (Pictured above.)


Well, we all saw it coming that Deacon’s jealous (was he? only in this episode, out of no where!) band mate would put the moves on Scarlett. And the bouncer wouldn’t even let him in? This seemed like an easy way of having Deacon quit that gig. I’m not sure this attempted rape scene was needed, and it was really very disturbing. So, not only did one of Deacon’s friends (I think they were pretty friendly until this episode) decide he was going to put serious moves on Deacon’s niece, but also had a security guard helping him get away with it? I hate the idea of the guard doing that, although you could argue that he thought she was a willing participant. The entire storyline here just really troubles me rather than thrill/titillate. And for anyone who says maybe it was only going to be kissing, he could have kissed her in a room with people. It seemed like everything was strongly hinting that he wanted so much more than a kiss.

As soon as this scene happened on TV I tweeted: Wow. #Nashville just pulled the “rape card” as a stupid mechanism to move a plot along. So tacky and disconcerting.

I’m interested to know what you guys think of this. Did it bother you at all?

Gunnar and his Bro

Can’t say I’m too involved in this storyline… I hope there’s more payoff for it later. For now, we got a glimpse into Gunnar’s family. But… just when I thought that was all we’d get… I realized that at the end it did help Gunnar and Scarlett get closer. See, he doesn’t tell anyone that stuff and he’s finally opening up and telling her. Which is good news for fans who want them together. Which is everyone.

What would you grade this episode?

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