Most memorable Nashville quotes from season 1, episode 9 – titled “Be Careful of the Stones You Throw”.

Define irony…
Glenn: This is really not like her.
Rayna: Oh Glenn, you’re hilarious.

Thinking of the Virgin islands?
Juliette: I’ve got a hot husband at home and a honeymoon to plan.

Sunburns are the worst!
Juliette: Why would you even want to go out on tour with me, you hate it.
Rayna: I hate sunburns and hangovers. This is just business.

Rayna James Quotes: Follow politics, do you?
Juliette Barnes Quotes: Just the scandals.

Who wouldn’t melt at this?

Avery Barkley Quotes: I swear, I look at you and I’m still ruined.

“Happy” is a hard one to tame…

Deacon: Me and happy, we don’t get along too well.

We’re listening…
Deacon Clayborne Quotes: You’re gonna get much better stories outta him than me. I mean, they’re not true, but they’re good.

Life just isn’t fair…
Scarlett: You hurt people. People who do not deserve to be hurt.

Husband material for sure…
Juliette Barnes Quotes: Everyone, this is my wonderful, handsome Sean.

Well said…
Juliete’s Mom: Baby, no amount of marrying is going to quiet your demons.

Is it even true?

Juliette Barnes Quotes: You don’t care about me, you just can’t stand to see me happy.
Juliette’s Mom: And are you?

Nashville Season 1, Episode 9 | Nashville “Be Careful of the Stones You Throw” Quotes | Photo Credit: ABC
| This episode was written by David Gould. Series created by Callie Khouri.