When Martha Stewart thinks you’re crazy…things are going pretty badly for you. Such is the case for Sarah Palin (our least favorite author EVER). Stewart told CNN

“She’s …. very boring…to me. And a very…to me, kind of a…dangerous person. Shes’ dangerous! She speaks…she’s so confused. And anyone like that  in government in a REAL problem.”

On Palin’s book tour going well, Stewart gave a ‘I could care less’ smirk and said, “Good for her.”

Will Stewart watch Palin’s interviews? “I wouldn’t watch her if you paid me.” Which is unlike Heidi and Spencer, because if you pay them they’ll pretty much do anything. Stewart doesn’t have to stoop so low to be famous – she did it in a real way. Even if it’s a way that’s involved some jail time. Oops!

I think it’s PRETTY clear that Martha Stewart is planning on running for president and she sees Palin as a threat. (Sarcasm, guys!) Who would you sooner vote for as president: Palin or Stewart?

Richard Blackwell has described Stewart in this way, “She dresses like the centerfold for the Farmer’s Almanac.” He has sadly deceased, but how do you think he’d feel about Sarah Palin’s look? Especially her hair?