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Lost / ABC

Lost / ABC

What’s the “next Lost”? What’s your next obsession?
I think that if Heroes had gone in a different direction, it could have been another show of Lost‘s caliber. None of the pilots I’ve read about that will air this Summer or Fall seem poised to take over Lost. Right now, I think we just have to wait. We need shows that make us think, and have mysteries. A show that more people should check out is Damages.

Will you ever re-watch the series now that you know what happened?
You know – I don’t think so. I think it’d just upset me. Maybe I’d rewatch the first three seasons, but nothing past that.

What is Lost about? SNL and Matthew Fox explain

Would you recommend Lost to those who haven’t seen it?
Sure, I think there’s a reason we loved the show. And if you watch it on DVD you can go through it in order fairly quickly. Of course, people likely already know half of the spoiler secrets of the show – so that might take some fun out of the viewing experience. I’d say that it’s worth watching a few episodes at the very least.

Lost / ABC

Lost / ABC

Do you think the writers knew where they were going the whole time?
Oh, Lord no. How could they? When a show starts off, they don’t even know if they’ll get renewed for a season two. I think that by season four they realized they had to kind of wind things down, because they had so many questions up in the air, and no real way to answer them until they sat down and thought about it. Once they had the creative ability to think broader, they still didn’t satisfactorily keep the show organized. I’m disappointed about this.

Final image of Lost was not a clue to what Lost was about

Did the finale improve or hurt your impression of the series overall?
I think I simply wasn’t impressed. I guess if I had to pick, it hurt my impression of the series.

Do you think it ended at the right time? Did you want the show to go on longer?

It could have gone on longer if they planned on writing the show in a way that seemed like they knew what they were doing. This doesn’t mean they’d have to answer all the questions we wanted, though. Otherwise, I think they should have plotted every year out in advance, and have the show planned to go on just four years. If ABC believed in them, and the TV industry worked like this – the show could have been even better.

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