With all of the Lost casting tapes going around, and people revisiting nostalgia lane, are you ready to do the same?

There are a total of 14 main Lost casting tapes that we have available to watch courtesy of Youtube. (I’ve found 17! Nyah!)These are from several different actors, and some we see auditioning for roles other than the ones they got. It’s interesting to see so many people trying to be Sawyer – especially Matthew Fox as his neck vein BULDGES out. It seems that J.J. Abrams was very invested in Evangeline Lilly, and Ian Somerhalder was so hot in his audition it’s kinda crazy. How was this man ever out of work? lost finale

A few notes I took as I watched these:

  • The only person who seems they could have pulled off Sawyer, aside from Josh Holloway, is Jorge Garcia (Hurley).
  • Before the show was on ABC, it seems it was written with much stronger language. But I read somewhere they did that all through the years, just to show the actors what kind of intensity a scene warranted. I bet the blooper reels are priceless.
  • They talk about how Jack is killed, what do you think the show would be like without him? Obviously the plan all along couldn’t have been to pair up Kate/Jack or to have Jack the next Jacob.
  • Did Maggie Grace audition in the outfit she’d later wear on screen?

Josh Holloway Auditioning For Sawyer

Matthew Fox Auditioning For Sawyer

Dominic Monaghan Auditioning For Sawyer

Jorge Garcia Auditioning For Sawyer

Evangeline Lilly Auditioning For Kate (J.J. Abrams is also there.)

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Naveen Andrews Auditioning For Sayid

Daniel Dae Kim Auditioning For Jin Kwon

Yunjin Kim Kim Auditioning For Kate

Emile de Ravin Auditioning For Claire

‘Lost’ Friends with Purpose: Claire Littleton and Kate Austen

Harold Perrineau Auditioning For Michael

Malcolm David Kelley Auditioning For Walt

Maggie Grace Auditioning For Shannon

Ian Somerhalder Auditioning For Boone

Michael Emerson Auditioning For Hurley

Emilie de Ravin Roswell Audition

Emilie de Ravin Roswell Audition

Monologue from Lost Actress using it for an Audition
Clip from my acting class with Richard Kline.This is a monologue Terry O’Quinn did in Season 1 of Lost and is one of my favorite audition pieces.

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