Glee hates Lilo! Lindsay Lohan has been mocked on the series before, so this is just the latest bit. A few episodes ago, Gwyneth Paltrow played a Spanish teacher who used Lindsay Lohan as part of her teaching (“Lindsay Lohan is totally crazy, right? How many times has Lindsay Lohan gone to rehab?”) and later members of the Glee cast apologized to her.

glee the super bowl shuffle quotesAnd of course, Jayma Mays character of Emma once had to deliver lines that insulted Lindsay. Instead of being mad at the writers, Lindsay insulted Mays. (Lohan didn’t dare mock Paltrow.)

Anyway! In the Glee episode following the 2011 Superbowl “The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle” Lohan was yet again mocked!

As Sue Sylvester was (in a dream state) interviewed by Katie Couric, it was pointed out how much Lindsay Lohan, Dina Lohan, and Sparky Lohan (the dog) are losers.

Couric said, “You beat out the following losers: the economy, Mel Gibson, the housing market, Dina Lohan, Wall Street, Tiger Woods, the Dallas Cowboys, Brett Farve’s cellphone, 9% unemployment, and Sparky Lohan, who is Dina Lohan’s dog, and apparently, also a loser. How do you cope with that?”

The answer? “I’ve been drinking a lot of bleach.”

We love Lindsay Lohan Glee jokes. Keep ’em comin!