Are the current crop of Project Runway season 10 designers out to anger PETA?

project runway season 10

One thing became clear from watching Project Runway – Road to the Runway, and the Project Runway season 10 premiere. Two of the designers on the show are openly, apologetically interested in using animal skin and fur.

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Christopher Palu was the winner for the first challenge, and we like his work. But we don’t like his fascination with fur. He loves to make his woman look like “ferocious bitch” and said his ideal model was Cruella di Vil. On Road to the Runway we hear Christopher say, “I love rendering fur. I love…just holding fur. I want to die lying on fur.”

Maybe Tim Gunn needs to educate Palu about the fur industry, the way PETA had Gunn tell the ridiculous, naive and infuriating* Vicki Gunvalson (The Real Housewives of Orange County) why she should stop bragging about her new fur coat.

Arrogant “designer” Lantie Foster bragged on both of the Project Runway specials about how one of her badly re-interpreted vintage pieces uses “real python” as though she should be proud of that fact. It’s a mystery that she wasn’t booted first. We have nothing good to say about her, so we’ll end there.

*The latter two adjectives we should not have applied to Vicki until this season of RHOC! She want from being someone we rooted for, to being someone we felt sorry for.

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