Kim Richards boyfriend on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 2012 episodes airing right now on Bravo is Ken Blumenfeld.

Kim and Ken have had a very secretive relationship, especially considering they’re on a reality TV show. (We’ve practically seen more of Kim in flashbacks and the opening sequence than on the actual show this season.) Sister Kyle Richards has been worried about her sister for a while.

It has been reported that while Kim has been in rehab, Ken (who has a DUI and his own drinking issues) broke up with her.

When Kim and Ken were late to Hawaii (with mixed excuses and no apologies) and then slept in late the next day (making everyone wait for them) it got the conversation started about this pair. No one was a fan of Ken, especially not Kyle, Mauricio or Brandi Glanville.

We wonder if Ken didn’t want Kim on this Bravo show anymore. There are many anonymous sources who say that Ken was controlling, but viewers got to witness it for themselves on the episode that aired on Monday night. He seemed very oppressive. “He does like to keep an eye on me,” we heard Kim say.

Kim was flip to her sister in Hawaii and Ken backed her up. She said, “She’s picking a bone with me for no reason.” And Kim went on to say that her nickname for Kyle was the egg beater because she is always beating the metaphorical eggs.

Even Mauricio tried to make Kim or Ken own up to lying about why they were late, but neither would admit the truth.

Meanwhile, Kim took no responsibility for anything going on or anyone being upset. Ken backed her up by saying, “We don’t care.”¬† It was like a slap in the face to sister Kyle. Later¬† when Ken and Kim left the dinner, Ken said, “I was just tired of hearing her voice.”

As Kyle was in tears at this birthday dinner in Hawaii, Glanville assured her that no one thought she was the bad guy. Glanville went on to say that, “This guy’s not helping her. .. She’s defensive. … Wait for her to ask for help.” She also said Ken was an “Enabler” and suspected substance abuse. At this point on the show Glanville is the only one who was willing to suggest that Kim had substance abuse problems still going on. But we already know that Glanville was being insightful, and Kyle was in (understandable) denial.