If you didn’t catch Jimmy Kimmel: Aloha to Lost, I have the highlights for you. There were some great moments – both serious and hysterical. It’s times like these I remember that Kimmel has a show worth watching.

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Jimmy Kimmel Live had a very special Lost episode tonight called “Aloha to Lost“. In attendance were Matthew Fox, Terry O’Quinn, Michael Emerson, Josh Holloway (via satellite), Emilie de Ravin, Evangeline Lilly (via a skit), Daniel Dae Kim, Naveen Andrews, Nestor Carbonell, Jorge Garcia (via a skit), Harold Perrineau, Jeremy Davis and Alan Dale.

While Kimmel took some serious time to talk about his theories (all plausible!), the show quickly became fun. “Is it good Terry or bad Terry we have here tonight?” asked Kimmel. The reply? “It’s out of work Terry!” Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson were then pitched to be on The Amazing Race or on a Las Vegas show about forensics/magic called “Cadaver Cadabra.” And just as in the actual show, the music gave great effects. I love that they had a band there for the entire live show. I wish someone would score my entire day. When the bad music started playing I’d have a cue to get out of wherever I was!

Matthew Fox is scary intense (Lost casting tapes! 17!)

While Matthew Fox was a little choked up and maybe kind of a fuddy duddy (it was agreed that he was one of the most professional of the bunch), Emerson and O’Quinn were especially hilarious. “Who’s the least professional on the show?” asked Kimmel. O’Quinn said, “Josh Holloway… is he here tonight?” Sadly, he wasn’t – but he was there via satellite at least! He pretended to be on the set of a new movie called Snakes on a Plane 2. “Remember, keep snakin’!” We will, Josh. We will.

What kind of scenes did they like playing? “I’ve had a lot of great scenes that involved food,” Emerson noted.

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Then it was time for the foreigners to join the interview! Emilie de Ravin, Naveen Andrews and Daniel Dae Kim appeared to join the interview. Kimmel mentioned that Jin was always on exploding boats, and he left his baby! That didn’t sit well with many people – and I was one of them if you remember.

Next up, another group of Losties came out to talk. It was noted by Jimmy thatMichael wasn’t in the church at the end of Lost – and Harold Perrineau says that’s because Michael is stuck on the island. Sucks for him!

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A touching montage of kissing couples on Lost was followed up by a montage of slapping, punching and general violence! That’s what we want! Kimmel knows.This, of course, included plenty of beatings of Michael Emerson as Ben.

Some alternate endings to Lost were presented to viewers. But they were all funny, fake ones. One included the host of Survivor. Another was the ending to The Soprano’s. Another included Bob Newhart!

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“You never know when you’re the smoke monster, it just kinda sneaks up on you.” – Jimmy Kimmel
“It could be you!” – Terry O’Quinn

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