Love in Seaside means never having to say you’re sorry for smushing someone when you were drunk. That totally doesn’t count, guys.

Tonight on MTV, Jersey Shore airs the episode “Love at the Jeresy Shore.”

Pauly’s peculiar stalker won’t leave him alone, so JWOWW is going to help him out. Now that she’s mad at Roger, we might finally get some of the Jenni we remember (the one with attitude!)

Snooki and Jionni have been safe for too long, so it’s time for The Situation to mess that up again. Mike will be telling Jionni that Snooki hooked up with him. How do you think he’ll take that ?Snooki is going to be pissed off at Mike, and they’ll get into a fight on the roof.

In the aftermath of that inevitable fight, Snooki will look to Vinny for comfort. “Comfort” meaning… you know. (OH SHUT UP. YOU KNOW!)

Pauly D and Vinny will show how slimy they are when they see old roommie Angelina at Jenk’s and think about smushing her for revenge.

The group activity of this episode will be fishing. Hopefully someone falls into the water.

Catch an all-new Jersey Shore tonight, February 16 at 10pm ET/PT on MTV.