Is Snooki in the market for a therapist?

On Jersey Shore last night, we once again were treated to the exploits of a drunk Schnooks. She ditched (sorry, did the dip) at work twice to go drinking, and by the time she went out to the club (Aztec) she didn’t need a lot of time before she got drunk. Basically one shot did the trick. And she was depressed because JWoww was depressed and had already left. So drinking was the answer. Then Snooki did the unthinkable.

Snooki left the club early!

No cab was called. Snooki walked back by herself, drunk as a skunk. She commented that after navigating the cobblestones of Italy while drunk, the boardwalk was no challenge. She muttered that she’d never been “this drunk” in her life before flopping onto a bed that was made neatly with a pile of stuffed animals atop it.

The next morning, Snooki attempted to hang out in a hammock but ended up falling out of it, feeling hungover and angry. To the cameras she complained, “I need a f#*king therapist! – And I need AA meetings.” It seemed like such a cry for help. But is anyone going to help this girl? Dr. Phil, are you offering your services yet or what?