You’ll probably stop thinking Mike “The Situation” can be redeemed after this episode of Jersey Shore.

Determined to bring Snooki and her alleged cheating to the surface (who even cares if it’s true anymore?), he confronts Jionni with the information. Snooki and Mike have a milk fight on the roof. That’s right, milk is their weapon of choice. Because … they’re lactose intolerant?

Meanwhile, when Angelina is spotted at Jenks, both Vinny and Pauly D think about how great it would be to get revenge on her by literally screwing her. They dub it a “revenge smush.”

Pauly’s stalker won’t leave him be, so Jwoww helps him out with the situation.

And in the midst of this all, everyone goes fishing. Just a typical day in Seaside.

Jersey Shore season 5 continues with “Sharp Objects” which will air Thursday Feb. 23 at 10 pm ET on MTV. Jersey Shore DVDs available from Paramount Home Entertainment.