Have you noticed Snooki and her addiction to stuffed animals? It’s not just the one anymore.

Here’s a rundown for each Jersey Shore cast member in the episode that aired last night on MTV.

Pauly D – There was really not much for him in this episode. He has a good sense of humor and his bromance with Vinny continues to be a high-point of the series.

JWOWW – We never, ever got a single Jenni during Jersey Shore. We never saw her have one night stands and biting the head off of boys she sleeps with – which we are promised during every episode! Her face continues to thin, giving her a plastic-y sunken eye look that creeps me out. She’s also planning a baby shower for Snooki, which no one but Sammi and Deena are going to take seriously.

Snooki – This girl keeps saying she didn’t do anything sexual with Mike, but it seems like everyone else in the Shore house believes she did. And she’s bitter towards Mike for messing up her relationship and causing problems. So she’ll never forgive him. Although it made no sense when she said she is still waiting for him to apologize when earlier in this season he tried and she blew him off. She also wants Vinny to talk to her fiancee, since they hooked up and it’s weird. She’s got selective memory, and we don’t see her on the show as much as we used to. They gave her a tiny bit where she took a penguin balloon for a walk. It was funny, kinda. Weird, mostly. Also weird?! She has a different stuffed animal at all times. She walks around holding them! What is going on with this? Last week she even stole one. Why does she have so many?

Mike Sorrentino looks like Droopy Dog | Photo: MGM & Pacific Coast News

Vinny – Even though Vinny is often still a jerk towards girls, he’s the most “human” of the boys on the show. (Remember when he talked to Deena last week?) He also confessed his little assessment of why Snooki avoids him and Mike (they remind her of her bed hopping past.) Though funny during the Mike/Paula break-up, he can still be a bit insensitive. I think his talk show might be pretty interesting, however.

Mike – There was a lot of gold from “The Situation” last night. After admitting he wants to date a “classy” girl (his sister confirmed that’s what he is, gag) like his Mom or sister he said, “I definitely wanna break up with Paula in a smooth and easy way because I’d like to still hit it. ‘Listen girl, it’s not me. It’s you. Can I still hit it?'” And surprisingly, she bought into that idea. While the other roomies all showed up to watch this break-up go down, Paula surprised us all by agreeing that they could go to how things were before. She was kissing him through the break-up, but did acknowledge she was dumped. It was supremely sad to watch go down. Paula needs to respect herself more. Mike spent most of the episode telling everyone he was gonna break up with Paula, then denied it when she called him on the phone. He seems to think it’s charming to do talking head bits about how much he hates relationships and how horrible Paula was. I spent most of the episode thinking he looks a lot like Droopy Dog.

Sam – She’s been acting like a really good friend to everyone, and has mellowed out considerably in the drama department. It’s hard for me to dislike her the way I did in the past.

Ron – He didn’t have much in this episode.

Deena – She’s a mess, but her boyfriend doesn’t mind that she’s clingy.