james marsters

James Marsters played one of the best vampires our TV screens have ever seen, but what does he think of Twilight?

I don’t want to denigrate Twilight because I’m raising my niece and I’ve always been trying to get her to read and she wouldn’t. She’s very intelligent but she’s got a real will. But she discovered Twilight and started reading voraciously and started writing her own stories. They’re all about vampires. So I have a deep love for Twilight.
However I don’t understand stories that have to dilute the vampire character. I don’t understand why you’d write the character of a vampire who doesn’t want to kill people. I don’t understand a vampire who can withstand sunshine. There are certain things that define a character. There are certain things that work and if you take to many of them away it stops being that icon, and I feel Twilight is dangerously close to turning its back on the icon.

Also in the interview, he talks about why Spike would win over Edward Cullen, and has this great quote, “I’m a subversive artist, I used to produce theatre, and I was never really happy unless one member of the audience was so pissed off they had to leave. And when I found out there was a backlash against Torchwood I was addicted to it.” More of us should embrace that notion, that we absolutely do NOT have to please everyone – and would be better off if we ARE pissing someone off! Because that means you’re really sticking to exactly what you believe, not watering anything down.

Read the full piece – I highly recommend it!