Criss Angel in his fifth-season premiere of "Mindfreak"

Criss Angel in the fifth-season premiere of "Mindfreak"

No, Criss Angel is not dead. This is yet another of those pesky internet rumors that have seemed to occur about every other day once celebrities like Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett went off to the great after-party in the sky.

However, with the fifth season premiere of his show “Criss Angel Mindfreak” coming to A&E on Wednesday, August 12th at 10 pm/9 pm central, this internet rumor could soon become reality. Angel is attempting even more dangerous and death-defying stunts. He calls the first five episodes “The Five Lives of Criss Angel,” because he is buried alive in a translucent coffin, with snow and ice piled on to make his escape even tougher (August 12th), he crosses a field of live explosives (August 19th), he levitates a whole audience in Vegas (August 26th), he defies gravity (September 2nd) and he survives a car crashing into him (September 9th).