Do you have a giant poster on the inside of a closet door that maps out all of your notes, theories and accumulated clues about who could be the Mother on How I Met Your Mother? I mean, we gots to know! Well, I’m about to help you add even more illegible scribbles and footnotes to your map of crazy! And I do this with the help of How I Met Your Mother season 6 on DVD (out now – nudge, nudge)!

How I Met Your Mother Season 6 had two things I don’t look upon very fondly  – Ted’s relationship with Zoey (Jennifer Morrison), and the tragic plot line where Marshall’s father dies and the show couldn’t get Marshall or the rest of us out of that funk for several episodes too long. However, there’s seven main reasons why every season of HIMYM is always so worth watching: the fresh plots, the hilarious scripts (High fives to Carter Bays and Craig Thomas), Josh Radnor, Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders, and the super, super amazing Alyson Hannigan (yes, I’m guilty of playing slight favorites – but I’ve had the rockin’ pleasure to interview Hannigan and admittedly have been a fan of hers since she was Willow Rosenberg on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I’m loyal, yo! Of course, I don’t usually say “yo”…)

But do I only like the pretty faces we see in every episode? Nay! I have major love for Pamela Fryman works so hard to direct almost every single episode.  I also want to mention Michael Brake, Andrew Gowan and John Swihart, who have introduced fans like me to some seriously amazing songs and original music for the show. And, you guys know that I love fashion seen on TV, and I really appreciate what Hannigan and Smulders wear on the show. So big, big love to Julie Bennett Block for their stylish decisions – and seriously, e-mail me ( so we can talk about what the gals are wearing for season 7! People want to buy what they see on TV. Especially when it’s a ducky tie. (Hello, perfect stocking stuffer for all of my male friends! Related: Own a Ducky Tie like Marshall.)

How I Met Your Mother “The Mother” Clues

One of the features on the Season 6 DVD recaps all of the clues we know. Let’s go over some: She’s not Robin. (Sigh!) She was almost Stella. (Meh!) She was Cindy’s roommate. (We saw her feet!) She plays bass. She has a yellow umbrella. She was in what Ted thought was the his architecture class. She paints robots doing sports. (Awesome.) She makes breakfast foods sing showtunes. (Doubly awesome – see, we’re all in love with the mother already. We just don’t know who she is.)  She was never going to be Zoey. (Praise the Lord!) Ted met her on the day of a wedding. She befriends waitresses. She likes lilacs. Lilacs are the first flower Ted gives to her, the moment he meets her.

With all of that information, you’ve gotta keep your eyes peeled! I wanna see who Ted gives a lilac to. Or anyone who even mentions the codeword “lilac” anywhere on the show. If Barney says Nora likes Lilacs then we’ve got a problem!

How I Met Your Mother DVD Extras – Season 6 – Review

There’s always more good stuff than we get to see in the show! That’s right, I’m talking about the precious Deleted Scenes that we treasure. What do we have this time around? Pot Holders and the futility of getting a box back from your ex, agreeing Zoey’s ex (the Captian) is a 9, why red cowboy boots always matter, and Marshall flirting with Robin by accident.

If I had to pick because you had a truth gun at my head I’d say that Jason Segel is probably the star of the gag reel. The Gag Reel includes confetti being dirty with Neil and Jason, “Marshall and his vacuum cleaning up the floor” song (which I might use), Cobie Smulders drinking like a cat, Panini making on set, Pirate improv, fun with the manatee costume, sexual innuendo everywhere, Alyson smooching on Neil, Neil motor boating Hieroglyphics, cast banter, Nathan Lane impersonations… what more do you need, honestly?

In What We Know About Your Mother we recap things that are true about “the mother.” (See above!)

Stand By Me Performance is an extended performance of outtakes where Neil Patrick Harris is being hilarious with fake tambourines. I own an actual tambourine. Does this make me cool or not? I need to know.

There’s also Commentary for “Legendaddy” by Neil Patrick Harris and John Lithgow.  Should you ever end up locked in a store overnight with Harris and Lithgow, you would be the luckiest person ever. This duo is hilarious right from the start – no awkward hemming and hawing about what to say. This is a great episode, not just for the Daddy stuff, but because this is the episode where Ted mispronounces “chameleon” and Robin says “Expelliarmus!” (If I had known what Pottermore was earlier, I might have actually signed up for it. No lie.) Harris and Lithgow even talk seriously about how great the flashbacks are. But this is not one of those commentary tracks where the people are just placating each other and going on about how the other is just so wonderful. The both seriously critique things and talk about acting. Just like the show itself, this commentary has everything – drama, comedy, nudity… I mean. Hah! And I’ll leave you with one more nugget… Lithgow learns the phrase, “banging strange” from NPH. Is that even on Urban Dictionary yet? Get it up there!

How I Met Your Mother is available from Amazon on DVD. Guest stars for this season include Katy Perry, Jorge Garcia, Nicole Scherzinger, Alan Thicke, Rachel Bilson, Dave Foley, John Lithgow and More!

A copy of How I Met Your Mother season 6 was provided by Twentieth Century Fox for review. Opinions are 100% my own.