Now that the Homeland season 1 finale has aired, it’s left us with plenty of questions for Homeland Season 2.

Homeland Season 2 Spoilers – Questions

  1. They already said “no” but is there any chance, in any capacity, that Carrie might be hired again by the CIA or some other government agency?
  2. If the above question is a resounding “no” then what kind of job will she get?
  3. Will Carrie’s ECT help her?
  4. The entire Brody family hates Carrie. But is there really any scenario you can believe where Carrie doesn’t confront Brody again in Homeland season 2?
  5. Will Saul and his wife divorce?
  6. Who will be revealed as the mole? (Someone in the CIA was leaking information, remember?)
  7. Will Tom Walker’s body ever be found?
  8. Is there a chance Carrie will remember the connection she made between Assa and Brody?
  9. Will Brody grow even closer to his wife and children in Homeland season 2?
  10. Will we see more of Mike in season 2? Or is Jessica fully over him?

When does Homeland season 2 start? Right now there is no official premiere date. We’ll have it for you as we get updated! Of course, it’ll air on Showtime. Homeland stars Damian Lewis, Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin.