“I had no clue Carrie was still in love with Brody,” said no one. Because that was obvious. But she really proved it tonight. Here’s our Homeland season 2 episode 5 “Q&A” review!

Seriously, Carrie? Seriously?

She was way too sympathetic to him. I understand tricking someone by trying to make them feel comfortable and lulled into a false sense of security… but I don’t think Carrie was trying to manipulate him. I think she was like “Oh, you’re a terrorist but I am really upset that someone cut your hand, you poor baby!” Ugh. Excuse me while I roll my eyes for an hour.

Carrie was once good at her job. Right? People respected her. But now… she’s in mental distress and a time of great transition. I refuse to blame this on the fact that she’s a woman. But… she’s acting like the most annoying stereotype of a clingy woman. She’s mixed her personal and professional life way too much. I am actually thinking that her team mate (the cute tech guy) actually had to play her a bit to get her to go in there as the “good cop.” It’s not a good sign if you have to be played by your own team. And then? Then she said all those things that made her credible to Brody, but also seemed to come from a very genuine place. Rather than Carrie’s priority being about finding out about any plans against America, it seemed like Carrie just wanted to steal some time as a bitter ex girlfriend. What ex wouldn’t want to interrogate the guy who broke their heart? (And in this case, he broke her heart and then made her lose her job, and her mind. That ECT is no joke. And last week he was all but gloating about it, asking her if it hurt.)

I know we all want Carrie to return to work and be said to be sane, and all. But she can’t separate things. She is a risk because she’s so determined. Instead of being brave and going the extra mile, she seems like a loose cannon you can’t depend on anymore.  Sorry, Saul. I don’t think she’s ever getting over what Brody did to her, or how he made her feel. Biased, compromised, love sick… call it whatever you want. But she’s not recovering.

Brody is Broken

Whether Carrie was doing that schtick on purpose or not (or whether it was a 50% deal), it worked. Brody broke – a little.  His legs literally stopped working. But I still don’t think we can trust that he’s on America’s side. You’d think he would have realized at some point that Abu Nazir was bombing innocent people the same way the Vice President had ordered.

Dana and Finn

Morgan Saylor is so talented, and I love that Dana continues to have a really interesting storyline. What sucks is that as I am writing this, I have not seen the last ten minutes of the episode. And that’s where the Morgan/Finn date was happening. So far he’s seemed really sweet, so I’m curious what might go wrong.

“She’s onto us!”

When that goofball liaison for Brody (his boss? another assistant?I have no clue) called up Esten to warn him about the small potatoes that was Dana calling him… I laughed. I mean, control that situation, man. It’s a small thing! He has the flu. He’s busy. He’s run off with a stripper! Whatever, but you can handle that!

“No one survives intact.” – Carrie Mathinson Quote, Homeland “Q&A”

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Homeland Season 2 Episode 5 | Homeland “Q&A” Review | This episode was written by Howard Gordon, Alex Gansa and Gideon Raff | Photo Credit: Kent Smith for Showtime | Homeland airs Sundays on Showtime.

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