Do you think the CIA should keep trusting Carrie? Here are the Homeland Season 2 Episode 8 review questions for “I’ll Fly Away.”

morgan saylorIs Jessica dumb?

Granted, Brody’s “I’m working for the CIA” lie is a half truth. He’s working for the CIA as an informant and a double agent. He also tried to do a lot of other things for the other side, and he isn’t telling Jessica any of that. And given his political position and his past, it seems almost logical that Jessica could believe him when he says these things. On the other hand, the show has this way of always making Jessica look like a naive idiot (“gufaw?”) for believing Brody with his lies. Where is her gut instinct to warn her that all is not well? Is she looking like a goof to you, or being expertly played?

Did it never occur to Dana to report herself to the police?

By the end of the episode we saw that Dana reporting herself wouldn’t do any good for the family of the deceased. Until then, I wanted her to force her way past Carrie and her Father, into the police station. Did the lack of support play the ultimate factor in what she was willing to do? And if so, will she ever forgive her parents?

Does Carrie care more about her job…or Brody?

She cares about both. But which has precedence? I wish I believed in her enough to think she cared more about her job of protecting America than her infatuation with a man. But love is the undoing of a lot.

Am I the only person who thought Saul was “Tebowing” whilst hearing Carrie and Brody have sex?

We can all use a little bit of levity now and again, even in an episode of Homeland. Us sports fans know Tim Tebow really isn’t doing so hot right now, but until he’s lost all of his credit I’ll still use that bit of jargon.

Did Carrie honestly not report her location to anyone, hoping she could spend an entire night with a terrorist and everyone would later be okay with that?

carrie mathisonI had assumed that Carrie went to that safe haven location so that she would be duping Brody into thinking they were alone, but knowing they were being watched. Apparently, Carrie thought she could go totally off book. And while the CIA cronies are annoyed, they aren’t taking her away from the project.

Are teenagers really so self-centered?

Don’t be silly, of course they are. Still, it was shocking to hear Dana (who is the perfect picture of quintessential teenage angst at this point)  only now thinking about how Brody returning affected Mike.

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