hayden-panettiere-picturesLast night on Heroes, Claire kissed Gretchen. Or, Gretchen kissed Claire, rather. But that’s right, it was the big smooch episode! And who knows how many more may come. If you missed the episode you can watch Heroes online for free: Heroes – Hysterical Blindness (season 4 episode 5, 4×5).

Heroes season 4 is going well, in my mind… but what do you guys think? I’m not sure that any season can ever top Heroes season 1, and  will we be okay if that’s the reality?

Three video clips are below the jump. And yes, it includes an extended version of Claire and Gretchen kissing. …Pervs!

Claire’s Kiss: Extended Version [0:50]

Get a long look at Gretchen’s big moment with Claire from Monday night’s Heroes.

Hysterical Blindness (10/12/09) [3:22]

Miss Heroes on October 12th? Watch as Sylar confronts his past and Claire and Gretchen grow closer than ever.

A Man of Great Powers [0:30]
HRG meets a new special, while Sylar learns the truth from Samuel. Watch an exclusive preview of next Monday’s episode now.