I became aware that another season of The Hills had started when I saw it trending on twitter. While I’ve watched some of the episodes on and off (mostly off) the show has really lost all guilty pleasure entertainment value for me. And that’s really the only way I can waste my time watching a show like that – if I’m relaxing and letting my brain go idle for a bit.

The most American thing: divorce!

The most American thing a young reality TV show couple can do other than eating apple pie off of each other's private parts: divorce!

For a long time, I’ve been unsure whether I disliked Spencer and Heidi at the same rate, or if I felt bad for Heidi Montag. Spencer Pratt has come out saying he wanted to be famous, and he found a way to do it by dating Heidi. Heidi also easily fell into the fame-o-wagon (whatever that means, just go with it). The pair of thrived on being famous just for being famous. This is perhaps the most loathsome “job” anyone could have. Arguably, even Paris Hilton does more than this pair.

When I gauged my enthusiasm for watching a new episode of The Hills, it was based only on if I thought Heidi and Spencer would be amusing. I liked Lauren and Whitney, and now they’re gone. So there’s no other point to even pretend to watch the show.

Spencer ‘Wanted Heidi to become Super Famous’ Pratt on Regis and Kelly

And now word comes out (from TMZ, originally) that Heidi is finally standing up for herself and trying to get out of the marriage. Of course, she’s so warped (in more ways than one) that it seems too late for this lady. What’s sad is that The Hills will probably capitalize on the divorce for the show, and for all anyone knows this is just a way to spice up the relationship – and was purely a work decision.

Acording to TMZ, Heidi Montag will be in Malibu with a friend for girl time (probably Jen Bunney) and she is cutting Spencer loose because no one will work with her as long as she’s dating that whack job. I guess she finally found a reason to give up her fake marriage. While the reports at this point are all alleged, it seems very likely that the pair has separated and the next step would be divorce.

Spencer Pratt Goes on Twisted Tweeting Rampage

If only these were characters in a movie to hate. It’s so much more sad when you realize these are real lives, and real people treating the world and each other like this.

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