glee the power of madonna

To sit down and watch the Glee episode “The Power of Madonna” in your worst I-Hate-the-World mood, I feel pretty damn sure you would be able to stand up at the end and feel 60% better. To date, this episode of Glee is my favorite. When I sat down to watch, I wasn’t in a great mood. And I was also freezing, sock-less, and without the proper blanket-age. But I couldn’t move, and I refused to pause the show. It was just too amazing. I will suffer for art, you know!?

glee madonna“The Power of Madonna” gave us very solid highlights in the form of all the things that make a great episode (especially: a great Glee episode): witty quotes (“Mercedes is black. I’m gay. We make culture.”), great song and dance numbers, good interwoven plots that relate thematically to the songs, a technical phrase I’m calling “plot-moving-forward-isms” (Will’s divorce papers), twists (Mercedes and Kurt are now in the Cheerios, Jesse St. James left Vocal Adrenaline, Finn had sex but Rachel and Emma didn’t – btw it was three separate decisions not some big weird threesome I’m talking about)…

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Had to take a deep breath to continue! …moments for all of the characters no matter their billing (Hi, Brittany!), memorable little actions (like Finn licking his eyebrows with a bull horn move), great costumes, the urge to run to iTunes and download all of the songs after you re-watch the episode just one more time…

glee madonna picturesAnd finally, the feeling of inspiration. If you didn’t feel inspired in some way or another after watching “The Power of Madonna” YOUR HEART IS DEAD INSIDE. Go see a doctor and a shrink and maybe go adopt a puppy.

If I can get more specific about the little things that made this episode great I’d have to cite that Sue making fun of Will’s hair nonstop the entire episode didn’t feel dumb like I would have thought it might had I read it on paper – it didn’t get old because Jane Lynch can DELIVER, speaking of Jane Lynch – she wears a cone bra very elegantly. I also loved when Sue opened up to Mercedes and Kurt because we never get a lot of truth from Sue. Of course, this honesty was followed by a bold-faced lie about her age. I mean, what? No, she IS 29.

It was hilarious when Jesse asked Rachel to come out of the bathroom so they can talk OR sing about it (it = the fact they did not having sex). Quinn really seems to be maturing as a character which was a nice little thing you can notice even when she’s not in the spotlight. How great was it (although probably illegal and yes, weird) when Sue was telling the Cheerios to date younger men even if they have to troll the middle school? One thing that not many people might think to mention if they review this episode is the moment where Emma is running down the stairs but refusing to touch the handrail. I love this moment because Emma is adorable (and her hair is so BOUNCY) and it shows dedication to consistency in the character’s personalities and quirks. It’s always the little things that make a fictional world real. And somehow these always seem more real than the detailed and plotted out reality shows.