Whoa, Santana has a lot to say! In the Glee episode “Silly Love Songs” we got to hear Santana talk even more than ever. Just like Brittany, she’s turned out to be a true gem of a character that we can’t imagine being without.

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“But here I am in the middle of English or Geometry, or something…” – Puck, daydreaming

“I kissed Finn. It was not worth a buck.” – Santana

“You’re addicted to vests!” – Santana to Mr. Schuester

“Maybe try rocking back and forth, people do that in movies.” – Brittany to Santana

“I just try to be really, really honest with people when I think that they suck.” – Santana

Sign on Finn’s Kissing Booth: “The Kisser is IN.”

“You stare at me again and I’ll break your nuts. About those candies you gave me – they suck.” – Lauren Zizes
“You ate all of them.” – Puck
“I had to make sure they all sucked.” – Lauren

“Can I be honest with you? I like you. I used to think you were smokin’ but a lot of that had to do with the fact that I thought you were mixed race and that never fails to get me going.” – Lauren to Puck

“Maybe you’re right: maybe I am destined to play the title role in the Broadway musical version of Willow but the only job you’re going to have is working on a pole!” – Rachel to Santana

“That’s my man and his legs don’t work.” – Brittany

“Maybe it’s because she’s constantly insulting me, like my mom.” – Puck about Lauren

“I would, however, pay $100 to jiggle one of his man boobs.” – Santana about Finn

“Do you ever get tired of tearing people down?” – Finn

“No,not really.” – Santana

“Please, you people love me. I keep it real and I’m hilarious.” – Santana

“Hi. So, I’m gonna need to borrow your germs.” – Santana

“You seriously think it’s that easy? I’m not desperate so if you really want this you best come correct ’cause I spell woman Z-I-Z-E-S. And I need to be wooed. You understand me? Woo.” — Lauren to Puck

“It’s cool. My dad’s a drug addict so losers make me horny.” – Waitress to Puck

“Sometimes you have to choose between love and talent.” – Mercedes

“You’re a real star and you need to shine.” – Finn to Rachel

“I won’t tell Lauren to look out for poachers who might mistake her for the endangered white rhino.” – Santana

“I heard that. Don’t make me rip that weave out ‘yo head.” – Lauren

“Now get out of my way, please, before I’ze endz you.” Santana

“Wait, that’s weird. Quinn’s wearing her queen bitch smirk and Finn only wears that gassy infant look when he feels guilty about something. Holy sweet hell – they’re fooling around! I know what cheating looks like – I do it all the time.” — Santana

“I’ll just marry an NFL player. They’re super reliable.” — Santana

“I’m from a part of town called Lima Heights Adjacent.” — Santana

“Please. I’ve had mono so many times it’s turned into stereo.” – Santana

“I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.” – Lauren

“‘Cause let’s face it Rachel. You’re better than anyone in this school. You don’t need me or any other guy to anchor you to Lima. You’re a real star. And you need to shine. Just because I can’t be with you, it doesn’t mean I don’t believe in you.” – Finn to Rachel

Episode Synopsis: GLEE “Silly Love Songs” Season 2 Episode 12 – Love is in the air at McKinley High when the glee club sets up a kissing booth for Valentine’s Day. Things don’t go as planned, however, and hearts end up getting broken in the all-new “Silly Love Songs” episode of GLEE airing Tuesday, Feb. 8 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX