Sarah Michelle Gellar "Now you have to forgive me for wearing THIS!" From

Sarah Michelle Gellar is probably thinking, "Now you have to forgive me for wearing THIS!" From

I’m not sure why, but most google images for Kristy Swanson are nudes. So I suppose I should be glad when she’s wearing clothing at all… And, YET. I cannot feel okay with the horrible dress she recently wore on a red carpet. Swanson has not ever made many good dress choices, but she’s topped herself with her new look.

As people may not know, she was the original Buffy Summers in the movie Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Joss Whedon got smart when he cast Sarah Michelle Gellar (SMG) in the role for the TV series. And I have to tell you, Gellar may not have knocked every red carpet moment out of the ballpark, but she never decided to wear what is clearly a Burlesque/Cowgirl outfit for when a girl wants to infiltrate an army baseĀ  in a really bad straight-t0-DVD movie (like Jessica Simpson in Blonde Ambitionnot that I’m admitting to having seen it). And I really respect SMG for never going there.

View the Kristy Swanson picture if you dare.

And since SMG has very recently had a celebrity baby and named it a totally normal name (Charlotte Grace), I feel even more charitable towards her.

"I'm so glad you like this now!"

"I'm so glad you like this now!"