This is a continuation of our DWTS review from last night. We pick up with a situation. That is, er, THE Situation!

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and Karina: They had the Argentine Tango to dance. But most importantly, The Situation had his shirt open to show off his abs. Bruno said, “you know that was a terrible mess.” Ouch. Carrie Ann said that she enjoyed seeing his abs, and was glad he brought them out on this dance. She commented that she saw improvement, and that his hardest thing is the walking. Len said it was consistent in that it was bad throughout the dance. Uh oh guys, we have a situation. Hehehe. Technical Score: 12 / Performance Score: / Total: 28

Florence Henderson and Corky Ballas: Time to Rumba! Florence isn’t afraid to be sexy. It seemed chaotic because the steps were difficult. The judges liked it more than I did. Florence had a naughty, minxy smile when they finished the dance. But that’s America’s Mom! Carrie Ann said that age has no relationship to how raunchy a dance can be. She felt a little uncomfortable. Len said it was better than he’d expected. Bruno said it was scary, saucy, funny, dramatic… a lot of things. Technical Score: 17 / Performance Score: 17 / Total: 35

Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough: A mistake last week cost them first place. Grey wanted to make sure her Argentine Tango was good this week. All I can say about the dance is: WOW. Grey seems like a pro, seriously. It was beautiful to watch, and expertly performed. I already want to watch it again. Len said it was excellent technique and performance skills for a great combination. Bruno said the performance was prime time delight, and that they did an incredible job. Carrie Ann said it was amazing. Technical Score: 27 / Performance Score: 29 / Total: 56 (The first 10’s of the season!)

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas: Rumba means it’s time to be sexy! Bristol says she’s not sexy, though. At one point Bristol took Mark’s shirt off, but she still struggled with the dance. Mark Ballas is officially my favorite male pro dancer on DWTS. Bruno said her steps are still too clean. Carrie Ann said she doesn’t give effort. Len said Mark didn’t need to take his shirt off, and he wants to see more “we” and less “me” in the routines. That’s a good note. Last week Mark did a little dancing on his own – he’s not the star here and he needs to remember that. I feelĀ  like he tries to compensate for knowing Bristol isn’t so good. Technical Score: 18 / Performance Score: 14 / Total: 32

Audrina Patridge and Tony Dovolani: The Argentine Tango was their dance. It was pretty enjoyable. Carrie Ann said she sees improvement. Len said he didn’t know why, but he didn’t think it was a hot dance. Bruno said Audrina was more of a detached Ice Queen, and technically Audrina should have pointed her feet more. Technical Score: 24 / Performance Score: 22 / Total: 46