Tonight’s dances on Dancing with the Stars are the Quickstep or The Jive. Both of these are pretty fast, difficult dances! So how well did our DWTS season 11 cast do?

Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke: You gotta root for Rick, he’s dancing on a foot that has a tendon injury. Plus, he looks good in a black wifebeater, dude. He actually moved and danced very well, much better than I thought he would. I think what puts him over the edge is his enthusiasm and lively spirit. It was hard to keep your eyes off of him, even though Cheryl was wearing a pink tutu-type skirt that flounced all around. It was a GREAT kickoff to this evening’s DWTS episode. Len said he was very concerned about what this dance would be, but believed Rick did very well and is a true contender for the show. Bruno mentioned that The Jive is the hardest dance, and Rick actually did it. They flashed to Eliza Dushku, hi Eliza! Carrie Ann thought his posture wasn’t as good in this dance as week 1.

Florence Henderson and Corky Ballas: They danced the quickstep to an odd song choice, a KT Tunstall song. The song really put me off from understanding the flow of their movements. Florence moved gracefully in her sparkly dress which really TWIRLED. Bruno made a “Driving Miss Daisy” reference and the audience boo’d. He said she was a little hesitant sometimes. Carrie Ann said it’s wonderful she was dancing so elegantly for her age (76.) Len loved her, and Florence ran up to kiss his cheek.

Brandy and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Brandy was having trouble knowing she was struggling to do the jive. She and Maksim were both butting heads. But tonight they were all smile and full of energy. I loved seeing Maksim in suspenders! Brandy wore high-heeled saddle shoes – so cute. They seemed to dance really well as a pair, in my estimation. Carrie Ann also mentioned the cute shoes, but said that Brandy didn’t point her feet enough. Len said Brandy had great coordination, but this dance wasn’t as good as last week’s. Bruno said Brandy looked like a Gwen Stefani backup dancer with her crazy dancing. He also said that “okay” from her isn’t good enough because she can do so much better.

Michael Bolton and Chelsie Hightower: He wore a medical SARS-type mask during rehearsals because he had laryngitis. Chelsie is young, and I think she was annoying him in rehearsals for sure. Bolton came crawling out of a dog house that said “Bolt” and he wore a dalmatian jacket. Whaaat! The problem I had in watching this dance was that Chelsie was dancing so fast with such a distracting, poofy skirt, and Michael was at such a slower pace. You could tell hew as really trying though. Len was not a fan of it, and said they needed a pooper scooper. “You did it all, very, very, very badly,” said Bruno. He also said that it was the worst jive on the show so far.

Audrina Patridge and Tony Dovolani: Her blue dress was HORRIBLE. Yuck. She was wearing like a glittery blue net over her top half. So bad. It was as though she was a slutty mermaid. As for the dancing…not AS bad. Audrina looked like she was working hard, but it read almost as pain on her face. Towards the end of the routine she was getting more into the vibe. Len said it was the best dance so far tonight.