Of course we care – how much income does Courtney Kerr make?!

courtney kerr net worth

Courtney Kerr. Photo: BRAVO

Courtney Kerr (‘Courtney Loves Dallas’) tried out dating on ‘The Millionaire Matchmaker’ but never ended up going on a second date with her suitor.  But, Patti Stanger made sure to say that Kerr was a “Millionaire in training.” Which added up to something Kerr had said in one of her first episodes of her new BRAVO show, saying money was an issue.

Money is an issue for plenty of us, but when you complain about that while also wearing 3.1 Philip Lim bags that are nearly $1,000 with the rest of your outfit also likely totaling $1,000 as well (Gucci heels, Rag & Bone jeans, Valentino pumps)…give us a break. Even just two nights in a 1-bed room at the Empire Hotel costs you about $400.00. Not to mention factoring in flights to and from NYC… live like that by all means, but don’t complain about money at the same time.

We are all curious about how much money people make, and when you go on a show that purports you to be a millionaire (in training or actual) it’s funny that you could be shocked that anyone would be fixated on how much money you do make. Fashion Bloggers can be very successful, especially if they’re  also getting free clothing, beauty and jewelry items like Kerr (and many others) do.  Getting your own BRAVO show to go along with a blog is essentially winning the lottery in terms of all the exposure you get.

Anyway, Kerr tweeted,

“Kindof taken back by all the tweets regarding my income after my episode of #Matchmaker (not that its yalls business) But I do just fine ;)”

She then Retweeted a tweet from – DipityDoo ‏@NanciGaleWilson on 20 Dec:

@thecourtneykerr It’s a tad shocking to me how many people watch a show and think they know and deserve to know all of the intimate details

Yea, it’s SO terribly ironic how we watch a reality show and expect to know things about the person who’s supposedly offering up all this access to what they like, do, wear, shop, etc. Get real. Kerr is a lot of fun, so playing a pity card is just annoying.

The Richest.com and CelebrityNetWorth.com both list $200 thousand as Courtney Kerr’s net worth. But this does not seem like it is updated or accurate, as it lists her as being on ‘Most Eligible Dallas’ still.

REACT: What do you think about what’s listed as Courtney Kerr income on those sites?

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