Christina Aguilera performed “Give it up for Burlesque” on the Dancing with the Stars finale. Likely all too aware of what people have been saying about her weight gain and AMA performance, she seemed to lack a bit of confidence. She really let the background dancers claim the foreground, as she seemed inhibited to just plain move as much as you would expect the lead of a burlesque movie to do. Luckily, you can’t deny the talent her voice has and that saved the performance. However, this is hardly the best we’ve seen Aguilera do, which is a shame.

christina aguilera dwtsAt the end of her first song, she kept her head tilted up and back, almost as though she were hiding it. During the song she kept shaking her hair in front of her face… am I imagining this or was she really trying to hide her face?

She returned to perform once again. This time, she gave the crowd Beautiful. Someone walked towards Christina and I thought it was a rogue fan. Turns out it was just the first of several people signing the song along with Christina.