CBS is offering one free month of their streaming video service with an All Access promo code to celebrate the end of the TV season and give fans a chance to catch up on every episode plus a way to watch a live stream of the season finales.

CBS All Access Promo Code - Stream Every Episode

CBS All Access Promo Code – Stream Every Episode – Source: CBS

The new promo code for All Access is CATCHUP and will expire on May 15th so users need to sign up quickly before the deal from CBS ends. Normally the deal is for a free week of the service but they’re giving away an extra three weeks for the next few days. Not a bad deal if you were looking to sign up.

After you are signed up to watch you can get to your CBS content on your computer, through an app on mobile devices, or even by using devices like a Roku that has a dedicated CBS All Access app for easy playback. It’s pretty slick.

Sign-up now and use promo code CATCHUP for One Free Month

If you need to watch the live streaming then you’re most likely covered as CBS has over 80% of their markets working with the local affiliates to share their live content through the service. That means you can pull up a webpage and watch your shows live if someone else is hogging the TV.

Along with current shows and live TV your All Access subscription includes CBS’s archive of legacy shows like Star Trek, 90210, Cheers, CSI, and a lot more. Speaking of Star Trek, the new series will launch early 2017 but is only going to be on All Access so you’ll need to be ready for that one too.

Of course my personal favorite bonus is the Big Brother Live Feeds that come bundled with your All Access subscription. The Feeds used to cost $10-15/month but now it’s free with this service.

Once the free month ends the cost for All Access is $5.99 with an auto-renewing option that users will need to manage to decide if they want to keep their account active.