Here are the best Walking Dead quotes from Season 3 episode 12, titled “Clear.”

rick grimes

Best Walking Dead Quotes

Turns out it wasn’t a fatal shot, though…
Rick: You okay?
Carl: Yea
Rick: I told you to run for the car. Didn’t want you to have to do that.
Carl: I had to.

Rick: This can’t be it. You gotta be able to come back from this.

What’s a bad day, again?
Michonne: He tried to kill us and we didn’t leave him for the walkers. He’s had a good day.

It’s a fine line…
Rick: You think he’s crazy?
Michonne: No, I think he’s dangerous.

Hey, a girl’s gotta eat
Rick: We’re eating his food now?
Michonne: Mat said “welcome.”

Aw, no!
Morgan: Please. Please kill me.

Are you strong or not?
Morgan: But the weak people..people like me…we have inherited the earth.