Well, Chris Rock and his SNL monologue definitely polarized the opinions of fans on Twitter. Nearly as many people praised his performance on SNL last night, as said they found it distasteful. With topics like 9/11 and the Boston Marathon…he must have known things would be tetchy.

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The episode name-checked Scandal and Uber several times. While some of the sketches were near perfection (“Realizing you love Taylor Swift is the leading cause of vertigo in adults”) others were of the poorest possible quality imaginable. Below are some of the sharpest tweets that came about during the live East Coast run of the show.

Best SNL Tweets

@MSMastropietro: (0:57:41) At this point I feel like I’m on a roller coaster of quality #snl

@JordanApps: (0:53:46) Prince left after his performance. He taps Lorne on the shoulder, “Good luck with this” and then disappears into a cloud of smoke. #SNL

@hellresidentNY: (0:47:17) When your #SNL skecth makes people feel confused like they just watched MULHOLLAND DRIVE for the first time, something is wrong.

@runyourplate: (0:45:15) An Uber-bad skit #SNL

@LDijon: (0:27:13) A police car is his Uber. I’m. Done. #SNL

@amenabee: If there is a way Prince’s Afro can do a TED talk, I’m all the way here for it. #snl #PrinceOnSNL”

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