Lovingly hand-picked, here is a collection of the very best Once Upon a Time quotes from “The Heart is the Truest Believer.”

hook and emma

Hook and Emma. Photo: ABC

Best Once Upon a Time Quotes – “The Heart of the Truest Believer” – OUAT Season 3, Episosde 1

“You’re a long way from Storybrooke.” – Tamara

We can all agree that, as a character, Tamara kind of (really) sucked. However, she did get this one cool line before her death scene. It’s reminiscent of a line in The Wizard of Oz, and it’s also an ominous quote that tells us all that we’re in an entire new season with entirely new rules. We’re not in Storybrooke anymore, so forget thinking that you know what’s up.

“How can you two be so infuriating optimistic?” – Emma Swan

Here’s a quote that perfectly illustrates how Snow White acts, and how Emma feels about it. Snow White, a fairytale character who is legitimately a princess, has found that she is best when being positive. And beyond knowing that, she’s able to manifest it in her life. She actually…acts positive! Emma, of “our world” … which is skeptical, might like optimism….especially when it comes easily, but… But she sometimes finds it’s annoying because it seems fake. (Sound familiar to anyone?) What we can take from this OUAT moment is that there are people approaching the same problem in different ways. There are options. And we can choose a happier one, even in our darkest moments. The approach matters a lot.

“Your lives they’ve…they’ve sucked!” – Emma Swan Quotes

Okay, this was picked because I think we can all resonate with this ideology and with the word “suck” used here. It’s blunt, and it’s just… in 2013, everything sucks, to us. Our bosses suck, our parents suck, our lives suck… we’re always blaming things for being sucky. And it’s so obvious to us, that we can’t believe when people overlook the suckiness factor in a situation. But, what we can take from this is… we don’t have to embrace that reality. We can go about things in a different way. And I think that’s a very powerful idea for us to have. And it’s not just an old-fashioned ideal. Like Emma, we can change.

“The minute I let go of the belief that things will get better, is the minute I know they won’t.” – Snow White Quotes

Another positive quote, I know, I know! But this is the reason for all of that positive thinking. Because it influences how your day and life will go. Snow White believes things, even when it would be easier not to. We should all do the same, in keeping positive outlooks.

“What’s out there, a shark, a whale?” – Emma
“A kraken?” – Charming

This is one that just makes you laugh. Charming is silly. And, apparently watches sci fi movies?

“The first was a warning, m’lady. Chivalry and all that.” – Robin Hood

Here’s Robin Hood’s first line of season 3, and it’s a perfect introduction to his character. From this we get that he’s suave, a little cocky, and – yes – a little chivalrous.

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