Inside are the most memorable Nashville quotes from season 1, episode 13 – titled “There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight.”


Nashville Quotes – “There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight”

It’s not called being a diva, it’s called empowering yourself
Juliette Barnes Quotes: I am a multimillion dollar industry. And it’s about time I took control.

Nah! No need!
Scarlett: Isn’t there a rule about nakedness in here?


Scarlett: (to Gunnar) Naked smartass.

Something was definitely wrong…
Deacon Claybourne: (About Rayna) Twenty years, never seen her miss a cue.


We disagree…
Rayna James: Told ya I don’t cry pretty.

This was a fun scene…
Glenn: Do you know what time it is, Juliette?
Juliette Barnes: Yea, time for reckoning!

Juliette was awesome in this episode…
Glenn: You want me to say I’m fine with all of this?
Juliette: No, I want you to say “yes, ma’am”

deacon claybourne

And she’s finally using her voice!
Deacon Claybourne: No matter what we do, she’s gonna make mistakes. She’s young.

Christian Siriano’s jargon is used by all
Rayna James: My life is a hot mess right now.

Sometimes it’s just what the doctor ordered…
Rayna James: Thank you for running away from my life with me.