Read a live recap of this tropical ANTM episode.

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So, who came back on ANTM? It came down to Alyssa and Leila. And Leila, our girl (yay), came back. And Laura started biting her nails right away, because Leila is (in her own words) “a strong competitor” for high fashion.

I was pretty sad to lose Brittany, though. Bye, cutie Disney girl!

But there was no time for awkwardness, because they were going to Jamaica. (Cue some squealing.)

Laura, looking like a weird eyebrowless wonder, explained blah blah blah she has won a lot of challenges and she’s the best.

Kristin let us know how she hates Victoria, and Leila and Kiara. “Thank God for Laura, even though I hate her.” And she did all of this wearing really big, ugly black glasses. Also: Blah blah blah, I’m the best! Man, I hate Kristen and Laura so much, but I almost want to see them duke it out together. Kristin? Girl, you got a damn ugly soul.

Once they arrived in Jamaica, there were luscious male models to visit the ladies. Kiara was getting her flirt on, while Kristin got her judgement on. They also got an entire house to stay at, rather than in earlier seasons of ANTM where Tyra would show the girls what living in close-quarters is really like. And, of course, there’s a Tyra suite in this house.

Laura had a nice quote about how she has a nice degree but she’s really just interested in modeling. I bet her parents love that.

Tyra explained that girls are either smizers or toochers. If you’re a smizer you can give good face. But if you’re a toocher, you give good body. And Tyra says often girls can’t do both.

The challenge was danced based, and Kiara and Nastasia bring home the win. Even Victoria and Leila win out over Kristen and Laura.

For the photoshoots, the ladies posed with a male model and Rob Evans.


The girls all wore beautiful dresses for the judging panel. That was a highlight.

The judges loved Nastasia’s picture. Leila’s vacant face made her look like a bored Kristen Stewart. Kiara didn’t have a great photo, though. Kelly Cutrone thought Victoria’s picture looked like an advert for a Celine Dion perfume or something. Kristin’s pose was like a lapdance, and Rob mentioned that Kristen acts too cool to do stuff. For Laura, Kelly thought her photo was “Barbie Rapunzel.”

Nastasia won best photo. (Although here’s a flaw: you can have the best picture but not get the highest score. What the hell?) Laura was then called. Then we had Leila and Kristin. This meant Victoria and Kiara were the bottom two. Victoria sucked on her lip in a really hilarious way that I am sure someone will screencap. Anyway, Kiara was saved and Victoria Henley was eliminated.

Crazy Quotes:

“I did dance in a Siamese ballet once.” – Victoria Henley

“Do you know what acting a fool means?” – Tyra Banks, being a designer

I didn’t know that Kiara could dance like that – Laura
like a slut? – Kristen

“There’s a little too much hooch in your tooch. The art of the tooch…” – Tyra Banks

Are you sad that Victoria is gone? Will you miss her crazy?