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I love Sarah Henrickson, and I’m sad that she’ll be gone on next season’s Big Love. Although this current season isn’t giving her much to do, and Amanda Seyfried‘s Hollywood career is blooming with movies like Dear John – so I understand why she’s leaving. Although, Seyfried is quick to mention that she isn’t gone for good. Which is a relief to hear, even if it’s not true. She talked to MTV all about her departure.

“Though Amanda doesn’t spill exactly how Sarah will make her exit, she did confirm in an interview with MTV News that her final episode will be in the eighth episode of the season.

Amanda also divulged that it likely won’t be the last time you’ll see her on the hit HBO drama. ‘It doesn’t mean I won’t be coming back….. I’ll probably guest star on season five,’ she said.

So what was the reason behind her exit? “I’d actually been part of it (the show) for six years and it was a big commitment for not a lot of work. It’s an ensemble cast so not everybody gets to work every day.” Location was also a big part in Amanda’s decision to venture out of the Henrickson household, “It (filming the show) was a six-month commitment in Los Angeles and I wanted to move away to New York.”

Of course, the choice did not come as a shock to the cast and crew, as the “Dear John” star gave fair warning, explaining, ‘I talked to the writers, I spoke to the producers, the people at HBO, and we all decided that it was OK for me to go.’

It’s been a long, long road. My character needed to grow up and, in a way, I kind of just need the freedom to pursue the movie stuff which means a lot. To focus 100% on a movie.”