On The Voice last night, we had to endure a terrible, sexist song by Raelynn, and then were treated to a haphazard poem-style compliment  by Adam Levine.

Best tweets from ‘The Voice’ top 8 elimination night

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The Voice Top 8 Elimination’s – Best Tweets

Trust us, Raelynn’s performance deserves this comment…
@lady_sharif: (20:28:51)
Raelynn sounds like a bad crossection of Dolly Parton and a Chipmunk! And I love Dolly and Chipmunks Sorry #TheVoice

This is a piece of perfection.
@michelle_myszka: (20:42:37)
The choices I have to make in life are unreal. #TheVoice #instantsave #sarcasm

You’re also under the thrall, admit it.
@slmikulak: (20:49:34)
Yes I’m going to tweet for a voice save …. I’ve officially switched to the dark side …. #TheVoice

He does that alot, huh?
@Liz_Is_Locked: (20:54:54)
Can we all take a moment because Adam just wrote a freaking poem #VoicePremiere @NBCTheVoice

Thank God.
@ajones_sd: (20:51:09)
Seriously, One Direction Ryan needs to go home. #TheVoice @KyleLovesTV

During Luke’s performance, this was tweeted…
@JaiSayWhat: (20:43:24)
Yep, felt like I was in a casino. #TheVoice

Again, this note is deserved.
@brianhasfun: (20:29:39)
RaeLynn’s song sounds sweet, but in reality is all about keeping up gender stereotypes. Come on lady! #WaitWhat #TheVoice

He says it a lot. Is the point.
@tshirtalerts: (20:30:40)
#TheVoice I’m curious about what the “give it up” count is at this point in the show. Anyone have a count? @CarsonDaly

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