Zolia Chavez is a spitfire on Flipping Out and Interior Therapy, and produces so me great, funny soundbytes. Below are the very best Zolia Chavez quotes.

zolia chavez

This is when she wanted some compliments…

Zoila: “And what about the Zoila?”

When she’s right, she’s right…

Zoila to Jeff Lewis: “Your poo poo don’t smell?”

Who doesn’t like to tease Gage?
Zoila to Gage: “You like big balls.”

It’s the perfect nickname for Gage…

Zoila: “You know your name, ‘Barbie Bitch.'”

She said this to Jeff when he made her read from a book called “Sex Tips from Guys”

Zoila Chavez Quotes: “You so pervert.”

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