ABC Family’s Greek continues their I Heart Greek Twitter Give-Back event this week with Zeta Beta Zeta merchandise! The prizes include Greek TV show products from the ZBZ sorority! I have a feeling this is going to be one of the most popular weeks for this giveaway.

Here’s what you can tweet and win this week! WEEK #2 (Monday, February 21): What’s the Nicest Thing You’ve Ever Done For Someone? – Winners will have the chance to let their inner ZBZ kitty purr with various ZBZ apparel, Casey’s “Housemom” apron, pink ZBZ wall letters from Casey and Ashleigh’s room, a ZBZ day planner and the sorority’s shiny pink Songfest Jackets.

For details on how to enter: click here

tv show props

There’s Casey’s Pledge Paddle

greek ashleigh style

Ashleigh’s ZBZ Cheerleading Uniform

3 of Casey’s ZBZ Law School Notebook

zbz jacket

Zeta Beta Zeta Merchandise by way of the ZBZ Ladies pink ladies jacket

The ZBZ rule book prop

zbz shirt

A ZBZ Softball T shirt

Ashleigh’s ZBZ Homecoming T-Shirt

greek tv show products

ZBZ Sorority props

zbz lovalieres

Here’s the ZBZ Necklace aka the Lovalier!

zbz sorority

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Official ABC Family “Greek” website:

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