chuck tv

The answer for me is, NOPE! I literally JUST missed Zachary Levi by FIVE MINUTES. And I don’t even understand all of this…tech stuff. Ustream, I stream, we all stream for Chuck? And now I can’t see the video he just did? CRIES. You can find his streams of older videos here. There are 13 archived videos.

In the video below we see cast mate Yvonne Strahovski wearing UGGS. And you’re rolling your eyes, telling me you’ve seen millions of UGGS before. But I mention this because I’m torn on the UGGS issue. Which is really about as political as I ever aim to be. I had a pair once and returned them, because I think they look quite ugly – like giant, unattractive marshmallows on your feet. But I CANNOT deny that those things are comfortable.Yet, my very fashionable Twitter friend Muireann thinks the only thing worse than UGGS are Pajama Jeans.