I’m not particularly cruel, and so this list isn’t long. But there were a few “huh” moments during the 2013 Emmy’s, and we will now go through every.single.one.of.them. Let’s go!

The 2013 Emmy's were aired on CBS.

The 2013 Emmy’s aired on CBS.

  1. Kevin Spacey appeared…but as his character from House of Cards. Now, if a TV fan like me can’t place his accent/the idea in under 10 seconds, then how are non TV superfans supposed to get that? Even though plenty of us have Netflix and loved the show, there are also plenty of Emmy-viewers who haven’t. I didn’t like this. You can’t start off a show by confusing half the people.
  2. The commercials, but we always hate them.
  3. Will Arnett being a presenter right after a category where Amy Poehler could have won. THIS IS JUST BAD TASTE AND FORCED DRAMA.
  4. The beats in the Modern Family theme are the absolute WORST to have played when your speech is wrapping up. Oh, man.
  5. Too many memorial bits… which makes me feel awful for writing… I believe these are all deserved and wonderful, but my dog died yesterday so I am pretty sensitive to mentions of death right now. So. Yea. Life.
  6. Mindy Kaling and Stephen Amell’s teleprompter messed up their bit…sigh!
  7. Kerry Washington had butterflies and flowers bursting out of her bust, which was distracting and odd. Sorry, Marchesa!
  8. It feels like Carrie Underwood performs the same dang song in the same dang ballgown at every dang awards show.
  9. Carrie Underwood’s performance of “Yesterday.” I like Carrie Underwood, don’t get my wrong. But I felt like this was the wrong choice for who to sing this. Don’t hate me for this opinion, guys.
  10. Just the idea that I think I saw Christine Baranski wearing glasses with her ball gown. (If you try to see how to spell her last name, you’ll see there’s a scary Google autofill for “christina baranski feet.”
  11. The way certain names (set decorator’s, executives, casting directors) get very low applause sounds next to the more familiar names during the memorium section. It makes me feel awkward and sad for the people who know those lesser-known names. ¬†They should ask for no clapping, or the clapping should stay consistent. Or use a clap-track! I don’t care how they solve it, just solve it.
  12. How they kept mentioning American Horror Story: Asylum, which makes me want to watch it. Which is too scary for me to actually watch.
  13. The fact that it ran over 3 hours, so my DVR missed showing me who won the awards at the end. Boo!

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