Twitter often comes up with amazing, random, trending topics that relate to TV. This time we had “Worse Reality Shows” which, though oddly phrased, ended up with hilarious suggestions.

here comes honey boo boo, worse reality shows, worst reality shows

@patdabiere – #WorseRealityShows Second time around, the search for my next ex.

@TheStardust262 – 16 and Pregnant with Honey Boo-Boo @midnight #WorseRealityShows

@CollegeTownLife (College Town Life)- #WorseRealityShows 61 and Pregnant

@Gennefer (Gennefer Gross) – So You Think You Can Cut Your Own Bangs #WorseRealityShows @midnight

@NRI_Bane – America’s Next Top Poodle #WorseRealityShows

@Brummett43 – Survivor: Vatican City “outwit, outlast, outpray”. Amazing Racist #WorseRealityShows

@SamsungTVUSA (Samsung TV USA) – America’s Next Top Model Planes. #WorseRealityShows

@hapkidobigdad – #WorseRealityShows American Nose Pickers

@Sjazierski – Keeping up with your crushing student debt. #WorseRealityShows

@ForchMan – A shot at love with Bob Saget. @midnight #WorseRealityShows

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