We’re going to tell you about a great line of wooden headphones and wooden earbuds, and then we’re running a giveaway for one very lucky Small Screen Scoop reader!


LSTN Earbuds Review

What makes the LSTN Earbuds stand out from others is the wood housing and nylon cable. The wooden earbuds make the audio quality of whatever you’re listening to sound extra crisp and clear, and especially brings in background instruments to the surface while listening to music. The sound quality is exceptionally outstanding, and is by far the best sounding earbuds I’ve ever tried. The nylon cable really helps eliminate outside sounds, and the only sound you’re hearing is what is coming through the speakers. I also really enjoyed the microphone and play/pause button on the cable. It was especially helpful while listening to music on the phone and needing to quickly pause the track. The earbuds worked very well on every device I tried them on: Android phone, iPad, and laptop.

My only complaint is that even on the smallest silicon earclips the earbuds would not stay in my ear. But, I’m used to that since no earbuds stay in my ears. When they were in, however, they were very comfortable and I hardly noticed they were in my ears. Even though they are made of wood they are much lighter than you’d expect.


The product came in a nice drawstring pouch to protect the earbuds, which will definitely come in handy at a later date. Finally, the best part of the product is that for every pair of LSTN Headphones purchased, proceeds go toward charities for the deaf, which help children who have hearing loss. You’re getting a great sounding product and also helping children. Win win.

3 Reasons why LSN Earbuds are so great:

Incredible Audio – Guitars, pianos and violins are made from wood – why not headphones? Wood has acoustic properties that outperform synthetics.
Beautiful Design – Each pair is individually handcrafted from reclaimed wood – no two pairs are exactly the same.
Irresistible Brand Story – For every pair sold, we help restore hearing to a child in a deaf school.


Wooden Earbuds Giveaway

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Written by Jordan Hickman