At the CMA’s, Rayna James (Connie Britton, and her amazing hair) and Brad Paisley performed the song “Bitter Memory.”


The lyrics are fairly simple, with a simple refrain. But it’s fun to sing if you’re mad about someone sticking around in your mind when you’re ready to be done with them.


Bitter Memory lyrics

From “The Hearts I Remember.” By Lucinda Williams.

Go away, bitter memory
I think you’re finally
you stay away from me
But I was wrong
You’re still strong

Go away, bitter memory
bitter memory
Go away, bitter memory
you keep on bothering me

Why won’t you let me be
You make me cry
why won’t you die
Go away
bitter memory


bitter memory
bitter memory
you’re the thorn in my hide
bitter memory
You’re the trouble in my mind

Let me show you the door
bitter memory

Ooh, bitter memory

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