Last night during Glee there was a promo for the new FOX show with Will Arnett and Keri Russell. Read on to see what the new name of the show is. I plan on marrying it, so please consider yourself invited to our wedding (a small ceremony with lots of wild flowers and seals that can do tricks).

Will Arnett and Keri Russell in Running Wilde. Photo: Fox

This new Fox series is a sitcom produced by by Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz (what up Mitch, let’s do lunch!) The two stars of the show are Will Arnett and Keri Russell. Could I love two people more than them? Probs not. Back in March we didn’t know if Russell was going to be on board, but now it’s a for-sure thing.

The show was previously titled Wilde Kingdom, but is now called Running Wilde. It’s going to be a single-camera romantic comedy about Steve Wilde (Arnett) who is one of those rich Beverly Hills players who has a problemo when he falls for a humanitarian (Russell).

I’m there, people. I’m watching the show, DVRing it, printing up posters to give to friendly neighborhood librarian’s, telling my friends to watch it if they want to remain friends, watching old episodes of Arrested Development and Felicity (and yes, listening to my Felicity soundtracks because THEY ARE AWESOME), and salivating to watch the Running Wilde pilot! I’m a fan already. And if you know me, I’m picky about what shows I’ll become dedicated unto. Could it be, is this my new TV soul mate?

8-9 p.m.: Glee
9-9:30 p.m.: Raising Hope (new)
9:30-10 p.m.: Running Wilde (new)

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