Undoubtedly a guilty pleasure movie for those of us who aren’t teens, the movie Wild Child with Emma Roberts is a much-watch for us this weekend when it has its TV premiere on ABC Family.

Is it the ridiculous L.A. outfits, the prim British boarding school setting (who didn’t secretly want to be a rich girl at a British boarding school when they were younger?) or the idea of getting to compare Emma’s performance to her aunt Julia’s (Julia Roberts) that makes us want to watch? Whatever the case, this looks like a fun movie. Wild Child airs on ABC Family August 8, 2010.

Wild Child Synopsis: Sixteen-year-old Poppy is a self-obsessed, incorrigible brat who lives a pampered life in her L.A. world.  After an over-the-top prank pushes her father one step too far, Poppy is shipped off to an English boarding school. Finding herself in a foreign world of early curfews, stern matrons, and mandatory lacrosse, the American princess has finally met her match: a school of British girls who won’t tolerate her rebellious ways.