the march hare

If you were in NYC on Friday you may have noticed white rabbits taking over the city. These 50 rabbits were trying to find Alice. This was a viral promotion from Syfy for the original miniseries event Alice, which premieres on Sunday December 6th at 9 pm ET.

During the morning commute, 50 White Rabbits hunt across the city for Alice and the Hatter, handing out Alice playing cards displaying their faces containing the text, ‘Have you seen this pair?’ At 12:30PM, all 50 White Rabbits converge on Union Square, where they hope to finally meet Alice and the Hatter – along with performing a choreographed “step” dance routine.

Viewers may be slightly confused after watching the miniseries (which I have previously reviewed on the site) because in the movie this white rabbit is known as The March Hare, and there is actually another “White Rabbit”. But you can’t deny this was a fun stunt. If you missed out on the fun you can go to the White Rabbit website which will lead you through other sites like the Wonderland Tea Shop and the Happy Hearts Casino.

Syfy developed the promotion with long-time agency partner, Fallon Minneapolis. Fallon conducted primary research to probe consumers’ relationship with the classic tale and uncovered a strong association with the character of The White Rabbit, which inspired the marketing concept.